Here at Cox Fence, we work almost exclusively with northern white cedar in the construction of our wood fences and gates. Cedar is a true fence builders go to not only for its natural beauty, but also because it is the most naturally rot and insect resistant option on the market. Many of our products are manufacturer in house by our team of experienced fence carpenters. While most of the competition has gone the route or wholesale mass produced fence, we aim to keep the craft and beauty alive of that traditional New England wood fence. From high grade northern white cedar lumber, to stainless steel picket nails, our products are built to be visually stunning, but also to last for many years to come!

Post and Rail

From the classic Locust split rail fence, to a sophisticated square diamond rail cedar post and rail, we offer many sophisticated yet understated options for your post and rail fencing needs. These products provide a subtle yet impactful architectural feature to your property. They can easily be used with welded wire or chain link mesh to provide enclosure for your pool, pet, or kids. Post and rail is also a very practical application for farms and livestock fencing.


All of our cedar picket fences and gates are constructed in house by our team of skilled fence craftsmen. With many years of experience and an eye for design, we build some of the nicest cedar fences you have ever seen. Our picket fences are all build using mortise and tenon construction to add not only beauty, but structural integrity to your fence. We use stainless steel nails to prevent that ugly streaking left by galvanized fence nails. From simple and functional, to elegant and refined, we are sure to have an option that fits your needs!


Whether it is the classic cedar stockade privacy fence, or an ornate lattice top fence, we have many different cedar privacy fence and gate styles for both residential and commercial applications. The majority of our northern white cedar privacy fences are built in house to ensure the finest attention to detail and quality product.

Are you ready to discover the timeless beauty of wood fencing in West Hartford, CT?

In our city, traditions mean a lot to us. Cedar wood fences not only produce a solid, durable boundary for your yard, but also provide a powerful statement of your personality and style. A wood fence – namely, a cedar wood fence – is one that has been a classic choice for centuries. 

At Cox Fence, we specialize in wood fence installation and repair. We’re happy to help you with any wood fencing project you have – big or small. 

Benefits of Cedar Fencing

Why choose cedar? The real question is – why not? Cedar stands out for its charming blend of durability, sustainability, and of course, natural beauty. Here’s why cedar fencing is a top choice for homeowners everywhere, but especially here in West Hartford.

Natural Beauty

The elegance and stylish appeal of cedar simply can’t be overlooked. Best known for its warm tones and rich grain patterns, it carries an intrinsic beauty that can enhance any outdoor space, no matter what size or style your house might be. 


Though wood might not be as long lasting as steel or aluminum, cedar leads the pack when it comes to durable wood fencing. It has natural oils that make it resistant to decay, rot, and insect infestation – meaning your fence will stay strong and beautiful for years to come. This can significantly reduce the need for repairs or replacements. 

Environmental Friendliness

Choosing cedar means making an environmentally sound decision. As a naturally sustainable and renewable resource, cedar has a much lower impact on the planet compared to synthetic materials.

Low Maintenance

Cedar fences require minimal upkeep to maintain their beauty. An occasional cleaning or staining is all it takes to keep your cedar fence looking as good as new.

Aromatic Properties

There’s nothing quite like the pleasant, natural scent of cedar. If you want a fence that’s attractive to the nose, you can’t beat cedar. 

Cedar Fence Styles and Options

At Cox Fence, we offer a variety of cedar fence styles to suit any taste or need:

  • Privacy fences: Choose between solid or picket designs to create a secluded haven for your backyard.
  • Semi-private fences: These allow for airflow and light while still providing privacy.
  • Decorative cedar fences: Add a distinctive touch to your property with our decorative options.
  • Custom designs: Have specific needs or a special vision in mind?  We are more than happy to work with you to create a custom fence design.

Why Choose Cox Fencing For Your Wood Fence Installation?

Here in West Hartford, CT, you have your fair pick of fence installers. However, Cox Fence is more than just an installer.

Sure, our team is composed of experienced installers who really know their stuff. However, They bring so much more to the table. Their skills reflect their experience as well as their passion for crafting beautiful, long-lasting cedar fences. You won’t have to worry about a single thing out of place – our team’s attention to detail can’t be beat.

We also have a deep understanding of West Hartford’s unique building codes, climate, and design preferences. We’ll make sure your fence is equal parts beautiful, sturdy, and compliant – no worrying about potential headaches down the road. Because our owner is directly involved in each project, you’ll get the highest level of customer service. 

We believe in making the entire process, from consultation to completion, smooth and stress-free. Our aim is to leave you not just satisfied with your fence, but delighted with your overall experience.

Think all this must come at a cost? Think again.  At Cox Fence, we offer pricing that reflects our commitment to providing you with the best value – an outstanding cedar fence installation without breaking the bank.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a cedar wood fence in West Hartford, look no further than Cox Fence. Contact us for your free consultation today.