Welcome to Cox Fence, your trusted partner for residential fencing in the West Hartford, CT area. We understand the importance of combining quality, beauty, and functionality in each and every project. 

After all, home is where your heart is. We want to make sure that every residential fence we install not only showcases the beauty of every home, but protects the family inside it as well. 

Benefits of Residential Fencing

Why choose Cox Fence as your go-to residential fence installer? Let us count the ways. 

Increased Security and Privacy

A well-installed fence serves as the first line of defense against unwanted access, helping to ensure that your loved ones and valuables are safe. It creates a private haven where you can relax and enjoy quality time without prying eyes.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

The right fence can seriously upgrade the look of your home. If you’ve been searching for that special something to make your home really pop, a new fence might just be the solution. Whether it’s a classic wood fence or a sleek new vinyl option, a gorgeous fence can dramatically increase your curb appeal. 

Improved Pet Control

For pet owners, fencing in your yard provides a safe and secure area for your furry friends to play and explore. You’ll get much-needed peace of mind – while your pets get some much-needed exercise. 

Defined Property Lines

Fences clearly delineate your property boundaries, simplifying landscaping decisions and helping to avoid disputes with neighbors over territory.

Pool Safety

If you have a swimming pool, you probably already recognize the importance of safety around the water – particularly if you have young children or pets. Our compliant fences make sure yoru pool area meets all safety standards – without sacrificing on style. 

Reduced Noise Pollution

A solid fence acts as a barrier to street noise, creating a more peaceful and private outdoor environment for you and your family.

Types of Residential Fences Offered

At Cox Fence, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of fencing options to suit any need and style:

Wood Fences

Our wood fences add a classic, timeless aesthetic to your property. Choose from a variety of pickets, heights, and stains to customize your look.

Vinyl Fences

For a durable, low-maintenance fencing solution, our vinyl fences are an excellent choice. They come in numerous styles and colors to match your home’s exterior, and choosing vinyl means you’ll have minimal paint touch-ups or other tedious chores to worry about. 

Chain Link Fences

Looking for a more secure – but just as affordable – option? If so, chain link is the way to go. These fences are ideal for backyards, dog runs, and basic perimeter security. 

Aluminum Fences

Opt for an aluminum fence if you desire a modern, elegant look with minimal upkeep. These fences offer unbeatable longevity and are perfect for stylish, yet functional, boundaries.

Iron Fences

Iron fences aren’t as common as some of the other types of fences we offer, but their beauty can’t be overstated. This type of fence offers a unique level of sophistication and ornamental beauty to every landscape. If you want to make a strong statement, iron is the way to go. 

Custom Fencing

We also specialize in custom fencing solutions tailored to match specific architectural styles or homeowner preferences. If you can dream it, we can build it!

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Fence

Keep these factors in mind as you go about choosing the perfect fence:

  • Purpose: First, determine why you need a fence. Is it for privacy, security, or aesthetic purposes?
  • Style: Look for a design that complements your home’s architecture and fits well within the neighborhood’s look.
  • Material: Your budget, maintenance willingness, and desired longevity will affect this choice. Each material offers different benefits and costs.
  • Height and Length: Make sure the fence height suits your needs while adhering to any local regulations.
  • Permits: Check with local authorities about necessary permits. Different types of fences and locations might have specific requirements.

Are you ready to enhance your yard with a high-quality, professionally-installed fence? Reach out to the team at Cox Fence today – and get ready to transform your yard into a secure, beautiful, and safeguarded space.